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Learning management systems are becoming more ubiquitously implemented in schools, serving as channels of curriculum sequencing, information use, and communication among classmates. More research is needed on ways in which students leverage such resources to advance their learning. Our primary research questions center on student teamwork and collaborative strategies, and their resource uses of a wiki-based learning management system, as middle schoolers engage in completion of a primary project-based learning task of game design in Flash.

As we move into the second year of our data collection on the IMLS project, our research team will be posting weekly updates on data collection, analysis and reporting, as a log of our work.

So far, in Year 1 we have analyzed 40+ hours of interview data collected in 2011/2012, written up a number of studies, and collected observational footage of student game design by 8 teams of middle schoolers across two solid school weeks (March and May). The observational footage is being analyzed by a team of 4 Ph.D. level coders. We will add these findings to our interview and case study research, for publication in the coming school year.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to collect weekly observational video data in the upcoming 2013/2014 school year, Year 2 of this 3-year grant. We will engage in ongoing statistical analysis of our multi-level analysis models, and in parallel, engage in statistical discourse analysis of the observational footage.

More to follow soon from the team members!

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